Blood substitute laboratory

The laboratory of blood substitutes was organized in 1986. The laboratory of blood substitutes is engaged in the development of new blood substitutes and their introduction into medical practice. The laboratory has developed 5 blood substitutes Succinasol, Succivil, Yantaroprotein, Biogemodez, Reomannosol.

The developed blood substitute succinasol contains succinic acid, a natural metabolite of the Krebs cycle, which has a regulating effect on water-salt metabolism, acid-base state and energy potential of the body. Succinasol received permission for production and widespread medical use. Produced by SP OOO REKA-MEDFARM.

Now the laboratory is conducting research to study a new blood substitute of hemodynamic action, containing a complex compound of polysachride and a natural metabolite of the Krebs cycle. Its influence was studied in acute blood loss, hemorrhagic shock and heliotrinic intoxication. Together with the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute, a tablet form of succinasol has been developed.Scientific research and testing of new blood substitutes on various models are being carried out and documents are being prepared for the Main Department for Quality Control of Medicines and Medical Equipment of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan to obtain permission for clinical trials.