Consultative and diagnostic department

Carries out reception of outpatients, provides consultative and diagnostic assistance to the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as non-residents in directions with an extract from the outpatient card.

Consultative reception of patients is carried out on the basis of clinical and laboratory data, according to the approved standards of diagnosis and treatment. Patients undergo laboratory tests: a detailed blood test, myelogram, coagulogram, blood coagulation time, biochemical tests, determination of blood group and Rh factor, anti-rhesus antibodies, hemolytic tests, rheumatic tests, studies for TORCH infection.

The polyclinic has rooms for ultrasound, ECG, ozone therapy, plasmapheresis and X-ray studies.

Ismatova Gulira Nazimovna

Head of the Consultative and Diagnostic Department doctor-hematologist of the highest category,

Pulatova Nargiza Sirojidinovna

Doctor hematologist

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