Department of day care for patients

The day hematology department was organized as part of the NIIG and PC clinic in January 1996 for 40 beds.

The department has 55 beds, including 20 for children, 35 for adults. In the department, patients with systemic blood diseases, hemostasis pathology, as well as various forms of anemia receive inpatient treatment.

Indications for day hospitalization:

  • Patients who do not require round-the-clock supervision of medical personnel
  • the degree of their disability, assessed by the Karnofsky index, is not less than 2 (with 3 it is decided individually).
  • the level of platelets exceeds 50x10 9 / l, granulocytes 1x10 9 / l.
  • if necessary, he has the opportunity to contact the attending physician.
  • he has the opportunity to be delivered to the hematology department within an hour.

List of diseases subject to hospitalization in the day hospital:

  • chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
  • multiple myeloma
  • Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia
  • HML
  • MDS
  • acute leukemia - consolidation courses and accompanying therapy
  • all types of anemic conditions requiring transfusion therapy
  • hemorrhagic diathesis: ITP, hemophilia, coagulopathy, hereditary thrombocytopathy

Ibragimova Gulchekhra Mansurovna

The head of the department is a hematologist of the highest category.

Tursunova Nigora Abduvalievna

Candidate of Medical Sciences Hematologist of the highest category

Almedova Nargiza Nagmadjanovna

Doctor hematologist

Yakubova Adolat Kamildjanovna

Hematologist of the 1st category

Talipova Mokhidil Hamdamjonovna

Doctor hematologist

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