Resuscitation department

1. Carries out the provision of anesthetic work during surgery and other procedures.

2. Provide intensive care to patients in critical conditions such as shock, coma, acute respiratory and cardiovascular failure.

3. Carries out the elimination of complications caused by the underlying disease (hemolytic crises, post-hemorrhagic shock, state after chemotherapy).

4. Provision of emergency medical care in acute and sudden conditions.

5. Organization and provision of qualified emergency medical care to patients with diseases of the blood system in accordance with the profile of those deployed at the clinic.

6. Participation in the development of scientific approaches in the tactics of intensive care for patients with diseases of the blood system.

7. Providing advice to other specialists and medical institutions.

Kuriyazov Aminjon Masharipovich

Candidate of medical sciences. Head of resuscitation department,Hematologist, surgeon of the highest category

Muhitdinov Muzaffar Muxammadievich

Doctor hematologist

Omonkulov Ulug'bek Safarovich

Doctor hematologist

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