1-hematology department


The Republican Specialized Scientific Practical Medical Center for Hematology (RSNPMTSG) was created to satisfy the population of the republic in specialized hematological care and to provide donor blood and its components.

RSNPMTSG is an institution of republican significance and carries out organizational, research, methodological and practical activities in the hematological service of the republic.

The main tasks of NII G and PC:
- organization and management of a network of hematological services throughout the republic;
- analysis of the state of the hematological service;
- analysis of morbidity in the hematological service;
- analysis of the provision of donor blood and its components to institutions of the republic;
- conducting scientific research in the field of hematology and transfusiology;
- training of highly qualified personnel for the service of hematology and transfusiology;
- development and implementation of programs to reduce hematological diseases, incl. anemia, improving the quality of medical diagnostic and preventive measures;

Davlatova Gulchekhra Najmiddinovna

Scientific Secretary. Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Контактные телефоны:

The Hematology Department is located on the 7th floor of the Therapeutic Wing of the Main Building.